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Procyk Farms has earned a reputation throughout the years as one of Ontario's finest growers of fresh vegetables. That's because our knowledge, growing procedures and use of leading edge technology set us apart from the rest. As a result, we produce a medley of succulent, garden-fresh vegetables, all available for sale in your local supermarkets, at food stands and the Ontario Food Terminal.

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  Veggie Family Pac Produce Available for the 2013 Season
Green, Yellow, Grey Zucchini - June 10 to October 10  
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top of page Green, Yellow, Grey Zucchini
June 10 to October 10
  • Available in 20lb cartons

Add colour and flavour to salads, stir frys and even bread with green and yellow zucchini. Both varieties are planted in mid-May and are ready for harvest by the end of June. Since zucchini grows very quickly, sometimes it is necessary to pick daily from the same plant. Its skin boasts a very soft membrane that can be damaged easily. Picking and packing are extremely important. Zucchini can be found at supermarkets, fruit stands and the Ontario Food Terminal. For more vibrant, savory meals, add a fresh Ontario zucchini.

top of page Sweet Corn
July 10 to August 10 Bi-Colour
  • Available in 5dz bags, 4dz cartons, 55dz bins
  corn image


Our premium, long time product, sweet corn is known for its sweet and impeccable taste. Bite into the sweet cob and indulge in the tasteful flavor of our freshly grow sweet corn. Enjoy this product roasted on the bbq or traditional boiled with the addition of a little butter and salt for added flavour. Offered in bags, cartons and bins our fresh sweet corn is available from July 10th to August 10th.

top of page Field Cucumbers
July 1 to September 25
  • Available in 24 count, 60 count, 72 count

Imagine biting down on a crisp, crunchy cucumber while eating a salad or a sandwich. It's one of the great tastes of summer! Grown and cultivated with extreme care in mind, Procyk Farm cucumbers are legendary for their freshness and quality. They're grown both on plastic mulch and on bare soil. Planted around the end of May, our cukes are harvested in early July right up until late September. Each one is then hand-picked, packed and pre-cooled (to maintain shelf life) prior to being shipped. Enjoy a fresh Ontario cucumber today.

top of page Field Stake Tomatoes
July 15 to October 10
  • Available in - 25lb 4x5, 5x6, 6x6, 6x7
    20lb cartons, 4x3L baskets

Bite into a red, plump juicy tomato and savour the flavour. You’re eating our specialty crop, the one that put us on the map. Just like the other vegetables we harvest, our tomatoes are hand-picked from the vines. They are sorted and packed using a high-tech, computerized packing line. Field tomatoes can be purchased from mid-July until the end of September. Use in salads, on sandwiches or just eat as a delicious snack. 

top of page Grape Tomatoes
July 20 to October 10
  • Available in 12x1 pint cartons
  grape tomatoe image


Here at Procyk Farms a fairly new addition to our variety of products include the juicy, sweet grape tomato. We are very proud to announce our success and growing interest in these tasty little tomatoes.

Available in 12x1 pint cartons with our customized labeling, from July 20th until October 10th, these little tomatoes are a huge hit. Add them into a fresh green salad or even eat them straight from the package, either way these freshly grown tomatoes taste amazing. Using a high-tech packaging system, each tomato is packaged and handled with care.

top of page Roma Tomatoes
July 25 to October 10
  • Available in - 55lb cartons (ripe fruit only) 25lb cartons
  roma tomatoes ROMA/PLUM TOMATOES

There are many different varieties of romas available. Here at Procyk Farms, we produce two different types: a saladette and a canning roma tomato. Like their names indicate, a saladette is great for tossed salads and tends to be longer in length, while a canning roma is great for preservatives and is shorter and blockier in appearance. Both are planted and cultivated in May. Saladettes are harvested in late July, while cannings are harvested in mid August. Romas are hand-picked and packed using electronic size and colour sorting.

top of page Peppers
July 25 to October 10 Green (all sizes)
August 25 to October 10
Red, Yellow, Orange (all sizes)
August 25 to October 10, Red Shepherds
  • Available in 1 1/9 bushel cartons,
    11lb cartons, Open Top
    20 x 4ct Bag Green, 20 x 4ct Bag Red

Sink your teeth into our signature crop: green bell peppers. We're known for our quality and size of green bells. We use computerized weighing equipment to ensure uniform packaging and we are continuously experimenting with varieties to ensure quality, especially since weather is a crucial element in the production of peppers. Check your local supermarket for green bells from August 10 to October 10.


There are many uses and recipes available for these sweet peppers. Red bells are great for stuffing, cooking on the BBQ or just as a snack. When the growing starts, they are green bells, but once the plant matures, the peppers change to red. Like our other bells, they are hand-picked and packed using weight sizing graders. Buy red bell peppers from late August to early October.


If you want to enjoy peppers all winter long, then the red shepherd pepper is a great choice: they work well for preserving. Like our regular red bells, our shepherds grow from green to red and are available from August 25 to October 10. We use our expertise and advanced cultivation practices to produce the best crop of peppers. So, the next time you're in the grocery store, put fresh, red shepherd peppers in your basket.

top of page Cabbage
June 20 to April 30, 2014
  • Available in 12’s, 16’s, 20’s
    Available in 50lb Bags, Bulk Bins x 100
A soft type of cabbage, summer cabbage is used for coleslaw and summer dishes. It's planted in the last week of April and is usually harvested by the end of June. Look for summer cabbage in your local grocery store from July 1 to October 1.


Great for sauerkraut, coleslaw and even cabbage rolls, winter storage cabbage will be a welcome complement to any meal. The head is much tighter and denser in comparison to the summer cabbage, because the growing process takes longer. It's kept in cold storage and because we have enhanced storage facilities, good quality is maintained throughout the winter months. Available from November to April of the next year.