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Welcome to Procyk Farms a four-generation farm offering top-quality, premium vegetables. Since our early beginnings, we have taken pride on the vegetables we produce-each one is grown, hand-picked, packed and shipped with freshness guaranteed...all from one source.

Our vegetables can be found in your local grocery store, at fruit stands, and from the Ontario Food Terminal.

At Procyk Farms, our commitment to growing the best and freshest vegetables possible has enabled us to become a world-class farming operation. We're proud of our history and the tradition of excellence that led to our success.

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"Meet a Farmer Near You"
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Paul Procyk, a farmer from Wilsonville, Ontario and our Executive Chef Tom Filippou meet and share their passion for farming and cooking food grown near you.

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The First Generation: Sowing the seeds of quality
After immigrating to Canada from the Ukraine in the late 1930's, Mike Procyk was determined to make a better life for his family. Together with his wife Pauline and their three children, Bill, Jim and Mary, the family settled in Chatham, Ontario, growing sugar beets and tending livestock. The family relocated to Wilsonville, Ontario a few years later and Mike planted his first strawberry crop. Within a short time, he became the largest berry grower in the area.
The Second Generation: Cultivating new markets
In 1968, Mike's son, Bill, with the help of his wife Annie, took the reins of the family business and formed Procyk Farms Limited. The years ahead saw the addition of four children, Christine, Michael, Paul and Danny, the building of a grading station for Bick's Pickles, and the trial planting of other commodity crops like cabbage. This experimentation paid off and Procyk Farms produce was soon available in retail chain stores throughout the province. Because of radical growth and to keep up with the increasing demands of business, two cold storage facilities were added.
The Third Generation: Reaping the benefits of family expertise
In the 1990's, Mike, Paul and Danny Procyk, together with son-in-law Rod Wheeler, became third generation owners of the family business. Procyk Farms was renamed Procyk Farms (1994) Limited and the Veggie Family Pac logo was introduced. Today, three generations later, their grandfather's dream for a better life carries on through his grandchildren. Not only have they kept his entrepreneurial spirit going, but they've also expanded the business to 800 acres and 35,000 square feet of storage space. More importantly, their vegetables still abound in quality, flavour and freshness. It's what the Procyk name stands for, a family tradition that's been passed down faithfully since the company's humble beginnings.

The Fourth Generation: Working on the farm from an early age
Rod Wheeler, husband to Chris, has been involved for several years and is now an integral part of the business. Stacey, their oldest child, works for the County of Brant in Paris, Ontario and organizes special events and other projects.  Cody, their youngest child and son, has been working full time on the farm and will more than likely continue to follow in the family footsteps. Mike’s son Kyle is currently in school for business administration, with a goal to continue the legacy of his father in the family business. Cousins Bailey, Chelsey and Addison were all born in 1995. Bailey is currently making plans to attend College in the Fall to pursue an education and learn skills in construction.  Chelsey is attending the University of Guelph for a career in psychology and criminology. Addison continues in high school, further developing his education for future studies. Carly is also in high school and Abby, the youngest, in elementary school.